Global Pathways Program
Creating International Connections for Local Entrepreneurs


The Global Pathways Program is designed to help entrepreneurs, innovators and business owners to:


Visit strategic target markets as part of a supportive network


Craft and finesse their unique value proposition


Access meaningful national and INTERNATIONAL in-market connections


Prepare and leverage powerful capability Statements


find potential opportunities to work with international trading entities


Communicate their value proposition and prepare for commercial negotiations  


Taking Australian Innovators and Entrepreneurs to the Global Stage

The Global Pathways Program is a tailored business support program for Australian entrepreneurs and businesses looking to make connections in overseas markets.

To enable long term growth, sustainability and success, many homegrown innovative and entrepreneurial enterprises look to access international markets. Without strategic support and guidance, this can be a challenging and complex task. 

Through leveraging the global networks of our partners, participants can gain access to targeted and relevant in-market contacts, know-how and understanding of current international trading opportunities. 


Upcoming Programs

 Smart Australia -  Take Local Global  with a   $5,000  subsidy from NERA.

Smart Australia - Take Local Global with a $5,000 subsidy from NERA.

 Barcelona, Spain 2018,   the world’s most significant meeting place for upstream, midstream and downstream gas and LNG professionals to convene and do business.

Barcelona, Spain 2018,  the world’s most significant meeting place for upstream, midstream and downstream gas and LNG professionals to convene and do business.



Upcoming Programs 



National Energy Resources Australia’s (NERA) Smart Australia program is designed to help open doors and make introductions, providing Australian entrepreneurs and innovative companies with the opportunity to identify, access and accelerate international growth prospects.

Participants in Smart Australia 2018 will travel to Gastech 2018 in Barcelona, Spain to build their international network and export opportunities.

A $5000 subsidy,* provided by NERA, will assist
20 selected applicants to take part in Smart Australia 2018, building their business potential and empowering their vision for growth.

*Conditions apply


Barcelona, Spain 2018

Gastech exhibition is a unique business platform showcasing services, products and expertise to over 30,000 natural gas, LNG and energy professionals.

Global Pathways Partners